After leaving their jobs in manufacturing and teaching in Plano (Dallas), Darrell and Sandra Vasquez move to the Dominican Republic to volunteer atDoulos Discovery School and Spirit Mountain Coffee Plantation. They live with a host family, relearn Spanish, and grow closer to God through nature. They admire the coffee culture where relationships and community are valued over efficiency.

At Spirit Mountain, Darrell leads tours on the farm, works with Dominicans, Haitians, Germans, and Americans, and participates in the entire coffee process (from planting seedlings,

harvesting, roasting, packaging, and delivering). With a background in manufacturing and engineering, Darrell loves operating the drum roaster & fine tuning any machine.


​Vasquez family moves back to Texas to be closer to family. They search for a city with a similar feel to the Dominican (small town, creative people, slower pace, natural beauty, local businesses). Baby Isabella is born, and they move to Wimberley.


Two major floods hit Wimberley that test the resources, hearts, and strength of the community. It seems like a bad time to move in, but it is special to watch Wimberley rebuild. From churches, to organizations, to businesses, to individuals, everyone jumps in where needed. Volunteers help with search & rescue, housing animals, cleaning rubbish, cooking BBQ, and offering free services to flood victims. You can help KeepWimberley Strong!

After returning to manufacturing and commuting to Austin, Darrell decides he'd rather be home with the family and working with what he loves. He drives to US Roasters Corp in Oklahoma, purchases a drum roaster, and opens a new business, D's Roastery.


​D's dream is simple- provide fresh coffee ​to locals. Established businesses can give back more to their community, and he wants to see Wimberley strong. 

​In the current third wave of coffee, people value high quality, improved processes, and better relationships. Hence we offer 100% Arabica,  single origin beans that are micro roasted.

Our dream is that each time you savor a cup of coffee, you will:

* know the origin of your coffee

* buy fresh from your local roaster

​* build stronger relationships